Master Study Program

Public Health!

In an effort to contribute to Health Development through qualified graduates who have global competitiveness

the learning process must be carried out in a structured systematic way so that it has a high level of accountability for the achievement of competence.

In developing the learning process, especially in maintaining academic quality and accountability,

The Masters Program in Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Padjadjaran has partnered with the Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health, South-East Asian Public Health Education Institutes Network, Mahidol University Thailand, Gunma University and Tokyo University Japan, the Association of Indonesian Public Health Higher Education Institutions, National Development Planning Agency, various hospitals and health offices both at the provincial and district/city levels.

This information contains Study Program data that can be used as a reference by prospective students, students, alumni, teaching staff, academic administration staff to facilitate the implementation of the Teaching and Learning Process. This is one of the efforts to provide quality assurance to the wider community on the academic quality of the Masters Program in Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University.


Program of S2 IKM

  1. Regular Program
  2. RPL (Recognition of Past Learning) Program

About Us

Master's Program in Public Health Sciences.

Vision & Mission
Organizational Structure
Officials and Staffs


The leading Postgraduate Public Health Study Program in public health innovation and technology development based on local wisdom in Asia Pacific region by 2030.


  • To conduct research based public health innovation and technology which respects the values of local wisdom and for the benefit of the community;
  • To develop and implement the postgraduate public health education curriculum which focuses on enriching research experiences and public health interventions;
  • To develop capacity of virtuous and globally competitive academics.
  • To strengthen strategic partnerships with various stakeholders at local, national and Asia Pacific levels.


The Master of Public Health Program aims to produce experts in the field of public health science who are qualified, highly dedicated and committed in improving the health of the community.

Head of the Master of Public Health Program

Dr. Dewi Marhaeni Diah Herawati, drg., M.Si

Supporting Staffs
1. Nuryanti
2. Shandra Ginanjar
3. Andi Darmawan

Lecturers :

  1. Dewi Marhaeni Diah Herawati, drg., M.Si
  2. Deni K. Sunjaya, dr., DESS
  3. Ardini S. Raksanagara, dr., MPH
  4. Guswan Wiwaha, dr., MM.
  5. Fedri Rinawan, dr, MSc, PhD.
  6. Sri Yusnita Irda Sari, dr, M.Sc.
  7. Sharon Gondodiputro, dr, MARS, MH
  8. Elsa Pudji Setiawati, dr, MM
  9. Irvan Afriandi, dr, MPH, DrPH.
  10. Siti Nur Fatimah, dr, MS, SpGK
  11. Yenni Zuhairini, dr, MGizi, SpGK
  12. Yulia Sofiatin, dr, SpPD.
  13. Dwi Agustian, dr, MPH,
  14. Lika Apriani, dr, MPH, PhD
  15. Nita Arisanti, dr, MSc, CMFM.
  16. Insi Farisa Desy Arya, dr,
  17. Panji Fortuna H, dr,
  18. Helni Mariani, dr,
  19. Kurnia Wahyu, dr,
  20. Siska Wiramihardja, dr, MKes, SpGK
  21. Ginna Megawati, dr,MKes
  22. Dani Ferdian, dr,
  23. Indah Amelia, dr,
  24. Zulvayanti, dr, SpOG(K)
  25. Tina Dewi Judistiani, dr, SpOG
  26. Susi Susilawati, drg, MKes.
  27. Gilang, drg, MKes
  28. Normarina, SGz, MPH


Based on the decision of LAM-PTKes stated:

Program Studi Magister Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung.

Accredited : A (Sangat Baik / Excellent)

Regular Program

The regular program carried out for 4 semesters, but it is possible for students to complete in 3 semesters. The maximal length of study is no more than 6 semesters. During first and second semesters, there are fully lecture activities consisting of the Compulsory General Courses (MKWU), Compulsory Study Programs Courses (MKWP) and Elective/ Concentration Courses (MKP). Students must undergo 20 credits which are split into 10 credits of MKWU and 10 credits of MKWP throughout first semester. In the second semester, there are 6 MKWP credits and 9 MKP credits. Thesis and publication are conducted in third and fourth semesters which is equivalent to 8 credits.

Program RPL

Since 2021, the Master of Public Health Program has been appointed by the Director General of Belmawa (Ministry of Education) to open RPL classes. The RPL program opened is A2 Type (MoE version). The program recognized competence of students’ candidates. Their learning outcomes potential capacity, which are obtained from non- formal, informal learning and work experience, to become recognize as formal learning in the form of exemption from a number of courses or obtaining credit to continue studies in the state universities. Students than fulfill the courses which will improve their master capacity. This program can be taken in one year. Students choose their elective (concentration) course since enrollment. The following elective program have been opened in the academic year of 2021 for Master of Public Health Study Program:

  1. Community Nutrition
  2. Health Development Planning
  3. Environmental Health and Occupational Health

Course :

The Course consist of:

  1. Compulsory Courses
  2. Compulsory Courses for Study Program
  3. Elective (concentration) Courses

Table 1. List of Courses of Magister Public Health Study Program

Course Group Code of Course Courses  



Compulsory Courses

UNC.20.20102 Basic Epidemiology 2
UNC.20.20105 Basic Biostatistics 2


Research Methodology






Compulsory Courses for Study Program

C20H – 1011 Introduction to Health Management 2
C20H – 1020 Introduction to Enviromental Health and Occcupational Health 2
C20H – 1014 Social and Behavioral Science 2
C20H – 1015 Introduction of Health Policy 2


Compulsory Courses for Study Program

C20H – 1019 Community Epidemiology 2
C20H – 2020 Leadership & System Thinking 2
C20H – 2021 Global Health 2
C20H – 2016 Health Economics 2
Environmental Health and Health Specialization C20H – 2018 Enviromental Health and Occcupational Health 2
C20H – 2012 Advanced Enviromental Health 2
C20H – 2385 Advanced Occcupational Health 2
C20H – 2381 Enviromental Health and Occcupational Health Research Methods 3




Community Nutrition Specialization

C20H – 2584 Basic Nutrition and Life Cycle 3
C20H – 2585 Community Nutrition Program Planning 2
C20H – 2591 Intervention (Approach, Analysis, Quality and Technology) Community Nutrition 2
C20H – 2589 Research Methods and Nutritional Assessment 2
Specialization in Health Development Planning C20H – 2297 Health Policy Analysis 2
C20H – 2288 Health Planning 2
C20H – 2289 Health Management Information System 2
C20H – 2287 Health Policy Research Methods 3
Specialization in Management





Management and Health Resources



C20H-2375 Management and Quality of Health Services 2
C20H-2374 Healthcare Financing and Supplies Management 2
C20H-2376 Health Management Research Methods 3
Specialization in Health Promotion  





Digital Health Promotion



C20H-2488 Communication and Community Empowerment 2
C20H-2489 Methods of Change of Behavior and Social Enviroment 2
C20H-2490 Integration of Research Methods and Health Promotion Strategies 3






Reproductioan Health



C20H-2593 Introduction to Reproductive Health 3
C20H-2594 Field Practice in Reproductive Health 3
Community Dental C20H-2693 Intergrated Prevention of dental and Oral Diseases and Promotion of dental and Oral Health 2
C20H-2694 Dental and Oral Health Services and Universal Helath Coverage 2
C20H-2695 Evidence Based Dental and Oral Health Development Program 2
C20H-2696 Development of Digital-Based Dental and Oral Health Education Media 3

The course conduct in the form of asynchronous, synchronous lectures, modules, assignments, quizzes and learning evaluations that must be completed in one semester. The learning process is carried out through the Learning Management System (LIVE UNPAD) provided by the University and the Faculty. In addition, it is possible in other ways according to the needs of the study program and within the corridors of University’s regulation.

Learning process, at this moment, carry out in the form of online lectures either synchronously or asynchronously. Face-to-face activities will be carried out after the pandemic situation controlled and permission gain from the government. Details of the learning process can be obtained in the Study Program Operational Guidelines.

Learning evaluation is carried out 2 times for each subject. Evaluation is in the form of written exams assessment, quizzes, assignments or other means in accordance with the general provisions of the university. This evaluation can be done synchronously or asynchronously. Students are entitled to get remedial at the end of the semester.

Our Facilities

RSP Unpad Jln. Eijkman No. 38 Bandung.


Secretariat Room


Lecture Room


Meeting Room


Lecturer Room



Want to Join with Us
Contact Us

Secretariat of Magister Public Health

Jalan . Eijckman no.38 Gedung  RSP Unpad Lantai 4 Bandung – 40161

E :

Service information

Admission of New Students

Why Choose Us

The teaching staff are doctoral graduates from foreign and domestic universities who have experience in research and publication in international journals; full of commitment and support from the supervisor's grant grants make it easier for students to carry out thesis research and graduate on time.

Expertise of Staff 

Expertise in

Medical Nutrition

  • Dewi Marhaeni Diah Herawati, drg, M.Si
  • Siti Nur Fatimah, dr, MS, SpGK
  • Yenni Zuhairini, dr, MGizi, SpGK
  • Aly Diana, dr, MPH, PhD
  • Siska Wiramihardja, dr, MKes, SpGK
  • Ginna Megawati, dr,MKes
  • Dimas Luftimas, dr, MKes, SpGK
  • Normarina, SGz, MPH
Expertise in

Health Policy

  • Deni K Sunjaya, dr, DESS
  • Dewi Marhaeni Diah Herawati, drg, M.Si
Expertise in

Enviromental Health and Occupational Health

  • Ardini S. Raksanagara, dr., MPH
  • Dr. Sri Yusnita Irda Sari, dr, M.Sc.
Expertise in

Health Services Management

  • Guswan Wiwaha, dr., MM.
  • Sharon Gondodiputro, dr, MARS, MH
  • Elsa Pudji Setiawati, dr, MM
  • Nita Arisanti, dr, MSc, CMFM.
  • Helni Mariani, dr, MKM.
  • Dani Ferdian, dr, MKM.


Expertise in

Health Promotion

  • Irvan Afriandi, dr, MPH, DrPH.
  • Fedri Rinawan, dr, MSc, PhD.
  • Insi Farisa Desy Arya, dr,
Expertise in

Community Epidemiology

  • Yulia Sofiatin, dr, SpPD.
  • Dwi Agustian, dr, MPH, PhD.
  • Lika Apriani, dr, MPH, PhD.
  • Panji Fortuna H, dr, MPH.
Expertise in


  • Kurnia Wahyu, dr, MSc
Expertise in

Health Reproductive

  • Zulvayanti, dr, SpOG(K)
  • Tina Dewi Judistiani, dr, SpOG
  • Indah Amelia, dr, MKM.
Expertise in

Community Dentistry

  • Susi Susilawati, drg, MKes.
  • Gilang, drg, MKes.

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